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About Me:

Growing up I never understood my skin, I had many skin problems. So, in order to understand the skin better I went to and graduated from an Esthetics Program. From my schooling I have gained a much better understanding of the skin. That’s when I began to love and appreciate my skin and all its glory and many years later, I was brave enough to create of Muse By Malan.

Your skin is forever changing, and I created Muse By Malan for my customers to create an experience of organic seed oils with mood boosting fragrances.

Life can be so stressful and if you are not careful, you forget to practice self-care.

Muse By Malan products are created for you to take those self-moments to reset and center you during your day.

Create your own sunshine Muses!

“Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.”

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