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Blaque Mahogany (Body Oil)

Blaque Mahogany (Body Oil)

What it is:


Our body oils will tackle dry skin. They will maintain healthy skin, non greasy, and will absorb quickly.




Blaque Mahogany Scented Body Oil is a soothing, anti-bacterial agent contains organic Sweet Almond oil. It is non-comedogenic, lightweight, nourishing, and packed with healing properties for the skin. Smoothes skin texture. Instant hydration.




An effective treatment for hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, dry skin, and flaky skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema.


Muse description:


Pure, clean, warm scent! Smells rich and captivating.


When Masculinity meets feminity. The scent is extremely powerful and will have you feeling and smelling luxurious!


Resembles "Little Trees Black Ice"


What an adventurous smell!!


Bottle Size:


8 oz pump dispenser bottle.


Scent description:


This musk has a sandalwood base which makes this smell fresh, warm, earthy tone (forest pine scent). Along with notes of lemon, orange blossom, and frankincense. This oil is accompanied with real pine to give it that extra kick!


Why you should use our oils:


Your skin is the largest organ on your body.


(Our oils are all organic, Vegan and Cruelty Free)


Recommended Directions:


After showering, allow your skin to be slightly damped, apply oil into your skin to seal in moisture. Let skin air dry. Reapply when needed.

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